SanDisc Ultra not displaying thumbnails on PC

Hi everyone

I have just purchased a Sandisc Ultra USB and backed up my PC.

When I put the USB into my PC and I open the photos folder it does not show the thumbnails, only the icons. I would like to be able to view and browse the thumbnails through my PC to choose what to transfer and view.

Previously I used a Integral Courier USB which allowed me to do this. I chose the Sandisc as it is password proteceted.

Has anyone else hadthis problem?

Many thanks



it is correct that you do not see thumbnails in the secure access software and there is no option to change that at the moment

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Thank you for the reply, I thought mambe I was doing something wrong.

Does this only apply to SanDisc USB’s or any USB with a password?

Don’t know about other USB drives but your SanDisk problem only applies to the use of SecureAccess for your pictures.  If you save the pictures to the USB drive directly, outside the SecureAccess app, you will be able to see their thumbnails.   

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Da, defeats the purpose of purchasing secure access.

Not much reason to be securing family pictures.  Financial info, personal info, sure.  But pictures!!  The drive can be used for multiple purposes.