Sandisc 1 gig all files are empty

I just finished uploading a large amount files from my computer.  it accepted all of them but when I went to play them there was nothing but empty messages.  I checked the used memory and it was all taken except for 7 mb.  i know their in there why cant I find or play them?

What types of files were they, and how did you transfer them?

If you transfer something the clip doesn’t know how to play, it’s not going to play. 

Hi, Okay before I explain let me give you an overview.  I am cluless when it comes to mp3 players.  I was given this one as a gift.   I have about 1000 songs on my computer that I burn as needed.  the files have been downloaded from Bearshare, Kazaa and frostwire.  They all say that they are mp3 formated.  I moved them to the clip via windows meda player.  Everything seemed to go fine wile sending the files the screen of the clip was saying receiving and writting without any problems.  I stopped the feed when it was 7 mb from being full.  If you need to know more let me know Thanks

Eeeeew!  Peer to peer crap.  Those files from Zimbabwe or Kazakhstan are missing the proper ID3 tags.

Oh well, I guess they were free anyway…

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ID3 tags.  My son has down loaded from the same p2p on his computer and had no trouble putting them in his ipod.  Is there anyway to get this music tagged?  Is there anyway I can get these non existant files off of my clip.  Anyone?   Thanks

Files for the iPod are of a different format than the Sansa.  The Sansa will decode mp3 or wma files, and not the “m4a / mp4 / m4p” format for the Apple.

If the files are of this format, there are utilities out there to convert them to mp3 / wma.  Remember that the files need proper ID3v2.3 tags on them.

The obvious problem with p2p is that you have no idea where the files are from, or their quality, their tags, et cetera.  Beware this questionable (including legality) source for music.

The troublesome files can be removed via Windows Explorer, or completely using the Format command on the Clip.  Remember that Format is the Nuclear Option, as it erases all music files.

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