SandDisk UltraFit is disconnected after windows sleep mode

When entering Windows Sleep mode and start Windows again my brandnew SanDisk UltraFit 64GB will be diconnected from windows and it took about 5 seconds for reconnecting.

This is really annoying because there is a mounted encrypted VHD on the SanDisk. This lost the connection as well and ask for the paraphrase again.

My good old SanDisk USB2.0 did not lost the connection when awakening from sleep mode.

Any configuration tips that my new USB-Stick do not lost connection as well?


I think that this is an issue with Windows 8.1. What I do is just to change power options and set it to “Never”. It’s not really the fix but it works for me. <img src=“”/>

I’m running Windows 7 SP1.

But you lead me to the idea to check the behaviour on Windows 8.1.

I tested the following configurations:


 - Sleep mode: Works fine (no USB-Stick disconnection on awakening)

 -  Hibernate mode: Works fine

W 7SP1:

 - Sleep mode on USB 2.0 port: Works fine

 - Sleep mode on USB 3.0 port: Stick disconnects during awakening.

It is really annoying for me to find that out because one reason for buying a USB 3.0 stick ist the better performance.

I decide to use the USB 2.0 device for the future so that I have the option to set my Laptop into Sleep mode during transport.

If anyone will have an idea to fix my problem please post. I will be happy!