San Disk SDHC Card 4GB Casio Exilm Camera


I have a Casio Exilm EX Z16 camera and the above mentioned memory card.

The photos on the card are stored in a folder called 100 Casio. The card is not full however it is approaching capacity.

Recently the camera stopped displaying taken photos, similarly when I plug the camera into a computer the folder 100 Casio only displays the photos that are on the camera / in this folder.

The camera continues to take photos however they are labelled differently and the camera has begun to countdown the photos from 150 for example and is now at 38 but I can’t view the photos anywhere.

The photos in the 100 folder are labelled 100-0669 and so on. Interestingly this is the first number that the pictures began at implying that there is space for 668 somewhere? The last picture is 100-2787.

Where could the other pictures be? They haven’t been over written or deleted or anything, as I just take the photo and can’t access it - as such would data recovery software work? They aren’t on the cameras internal memory.

I’m not sure if this is an issue with the casio but I searched and couldn’t find any similar problem so thought I would start here at it strikes me as a memory card issue.

I would really appreciate any help with this as I’m traveling through South America at the moment and the photos are very dear to me.

I think I will get a new memory card and stop using this one in the hope of getting the missing photos at some stage.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.