San Disk Music Library File Management for Dummies?

I just bought a SanDisk Clip Sport Go (32 GB) to hopefully just drag-and-drop my roughly 17 GB music library on it so I can have it on-the-go. My library is mostly CD’s I’ve ripped and someiTunes files that I’ve purchased (Not from Apple Music, so I own the files.) I never put much care into organizing these files, it seems I mostly have .mp3 files and .m4a files. Will each work, and is there a “master list” of file types that will say what will work on the SanDisk? If they need to be mp3’s, Is there a way to convert large batches of audio files into necessary formats?
Also, I tried to export a sample of songs to the device, and it seems some work fine, but some information on certain files get lost. For example, one song is listed as “16 Everlong.mp3” (under Unknown Artist/Unknown Album) instead of just “Everlong” by the Foo Fighters. Is there a known reason this file wouldn’t import properly? I checked the “Properties” of the track file and the information is all there. I only exported about 20 files at a time so I don’t think it was an issue of size of the batch. I am eager for anyone’s help on this.

You can use an app called AutomaTag. You can use to fix all the tags on your songs. Its in the play store.