San Disk Clip Sport Now a Ghost

My SDCS has recently not been recognized by my laptops devices, so I can’t add/delete - or do anything. I’ll be able to play what’s left on it, but no new materials - not good. It will charge off my laptop or any charger - but without being recognized, it’s a brick. Anyone who’s experience the same problem got any ideas to share. I certainly would love to have it whole. Catwoman.

Here are a few ideas to try:

  1. Try using the original micro SD cable that came with the player. Many $1-$5 store cables I have tried do not host a PC connection with my Clip Sport.

  2.  Try ejecting the micro SD card before you connect your player to your PC.

  3.  Try loading and managing the music files on your micro SD card by connecting to your PC via a micro SD adapter.

Maybe report back here with your status / progress ??

You were right! I put on an original USB/micro to connect my “brick like” San Disc Clip Sport and BAM! it’s working again - you are awesome! Thank you so much! Catwoman