San disk card reader not working on Windows 7 Ultimate 32-Bit on HP Pavillion DV6 3004 TU - Plz Help


I have a HP Pavillion DV6 3004 TU laptop. The San Disk card reader is not getting detected on my laptop whereas the samsung card reader is working. I guess its a driver issue. Can any 1 help plz ?  :cry:

Specs :

I3 Processor


320 GB HDD


Whats the reader?

This might help

I have a 12 in 1 with the same issue with Windows 7 on a Dell.

It is the San Disk Card adaptor in which I plugged my Sandisk Mobile Ultra Micro SD card. The Micro Sd is card as well as the adaptor is working on the Dell Laptop but not working on my HP system. I am facing this issue after I reinstalled the OS. So suspecting issue with the driver. 

Can any one help plz!!!

Appreciate your help!!!

I just need the link for the driver.

whats your previous OS? Is the slot even showing under device manager?

Thanx Jamieson for the reply…

Previously it was working on my system…though I dont have the Geniune copy of windows —previously also the windows 7 I installed it was not Geniune…When I insert a samsung card adaptor in the slot  it appears but no success with San disk card adaptor.And previously also when the San disk was working I had not installed any drivers. But after performing the reinstallation and downlaodaing the same OS - San Disk card adaptor is not working whereas Samsung card adaptor is getting recognized, though I have not installed any Samsung adaptor specific driver in my laptop. 

Appreciate ur help!!!


There is a possibility that when you installed the OS back on the computer, the drivers were not successfully installed on the flash drive. Please check if the drivers are succesfully installed on the computer.