samsung wafer

I know a SanDisk forum is a poor place to talk about samsung products but is there anybody that own a Wafer cell phone? I read on some forums from 2007 that it had echo problems. I’m wondering if the problems are fixed or what a new wafer is like.

I cant help you with the phone. But this is the off topic board and your topic is off topic so GOOD LUCK!

Maybe Samsung has a user’s forum that would be more helpful?

Google ‘Samsung forum’ and see what you get.

Like maybe here?

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If you get that issue you need to upgrade to the latest software which is version ae21. You would need to talk to the cell provider because at least my company alltel provides it automatically. I was actually looking to find out if there was an update that would allow it to use a 4gb microsd card to store pictures and videos etc… Have you heard anything about that? This phone is really a great phone i am very happy with it and am completely satisfied with it.