Samsung Galaxy SIII compatible cards

Your compatibility chooser does not list this phone.  Can it be updated?

I have an Ultra SDXC 64gig micro in my phone now. It didn’t require formatting in the phone.

Should I have done that, or am I good to go?

As a note, I pulled the battery before inserting the card. Some people have reported microSD cards being made useless in the Samsung GS3. I also experienced the problem.  Any insight from SanDisk would be much appreciated. I can help spread the suggestions to several Android forums.

No info from SanDisk?


I’ve sent an email asking SanDisk (Asia) about the micro sd compatibility issue with Samsung Galaxy Note 2, because I’m encountering read / write error with it, but they said its 100% compatible.

The fact is, many people in Hong Kong / Taiwan reported that SanDisk Ultra Micro SD 32GB (Class 10 U1) appears faulty after using it for one month or so (most devices are samsung galaxy s3 and note 2).

SanDisk memory cards are pre-formatted. So there is no need to format the card before actually using it.

As said by sandisk, a small percentage of the Ultra cards had issues … The issue has been identified and fixed and they would replace any card that is faulty with a new fixed card…

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