Safe to charge Fuse with ANY usb a/c charger?

I was thinking of getting an a/c charger so I don’t have to always use the computer to charge the Fuse. Also would the a/c usb charger charge quicker than the computer?

Message Edited by lukev on 01-06-2009 07:48 AM

Not not any.  You need something without a USB.  The Fuze one is unique. 

I found a wall charger with a car charger at walmart for $15.  There was no USB cord.  I just plug mine in and it charges (actually mine wall charger is connected to my docking station for charging).  And the wall and car charger allows you to listen to your fuze (with speakers or earphones) while it’s charging.  I don’t know if it’s quicker.  Never timed it.  I charge when I’m not using it or when I’m asleep.

You can find additional USB cords online.  I bought 2 that were $5 each for extras.  They work great.

Wall chargers are indeed faster, but I couldn’t say how much faster.