Sadisk Express and Rhapsody

I am having a problem with Rhapsody. I start Rhapsody and purchase music and the music plays fine on my computer and I can download the songs to the Express. The directory sees them both when I am connected to the computer and when it is disconnected from the computer. But when I try to play the music I get a message that tells me the license is expired. Rhapsody tells me that I must authorize my computer and portable device.

I can authorize the computer but the Express shows up as a Removable Disk and there is no authorize option for it. How do I make an Express work with Rhapsody?

Make sure you did not change your Express into MSC or what…and also, if you have a microSD in the Express…make sure when you authorize,  you authorize the Express internal memory and please refer to the link below as reference on getting Rhapsody to your device.

Make sure your computer meets the minimum requirements…  Windows XP, Service Pack 1, Windows Media Player 10.  SP2 with WMP11 works fine, so does Vista.