Runtime Error with SanDisk Cruzer 64G

Hello, hoping someone here can help me out as Google has not produced a solution. I bought two 64G SanDisk Cruzer drives and began putting documents onto them. One of them has no problems. The other produces a Runtime Error as seen in the image below. I’ve tried restarting, and reinstalling my C++ but the error persists. Is one drive just faulty? Any ideas what else I can try to fix it?

I am running Windows 10.

Update: Other one stopped working now as well.


this is typically a hardware issue with the drive. If the other drive is working normally on the same computer the drive is likely bad.  

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Thanks drlucky, I tried a different USB drive and it seems to work now. The one I was using before has has issues previously, I didn’t even think to try that. Thank you!

i am also facing the same issue.

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