Runtime Error and Write Protect Error

I uninstalled ver 1.0 and installed ver 2.0 but keep getting error msg.  Is there anyway to correct write protect error and runtime error?  I copied all files from the drive so I’m not worried about loosing files.

The new software starts after MS C++ Runtime error but after asking for new passwords I’m getting write protect errors.

Seem’s like many users are having issues with this new, improved? version of SecureAccess software.

My opinion of SanDisk has totally sunk.  I was all for their products until having several bad issues with flash drives and bad customer support experiences.

I had two older 32 GB USB 2.0 flash drives with Secure Access 1.0 and they both started having access issues.  It was suggested to upgrade to Secure Access 2.0.  I did this only to have them both stop working and my vaults became inaccessible.

So I purchased a new Ultra USB 3.0 32 GB flash drive with Secure Access v2.0 thinking maybe a brand new one setup with v2.0 would work fine.  I was severely disappointed.  The new one is having the same issue with Secure Access as MSSUSAN mentions.  Support has you go through various hoops, none of which solve the problem .  It might work briefly but then back to the issues.  Now I have a vault on the new drive which is inaccessible.  I guess these encryption programs are just too buggy.

I’m going with another brand.