Runtime C++ error when using the Clip with Rhapsody

when i plug in my 4 GB sansa clip to register it with rhapsody a Runtime C++ error comes up and then it asks me to send an error report to microsoft. after i deal with that rhapsody closes down. can somebody help me with this.


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thanks everybody for not helping me out i really appreciate it.

Remember the nature of forum posts: there is a delay in response as folks log in to the forum.

Your post title may be the limiting factor (note the changed title, edited for you), as many users might not relate to the C++ reference.  It’s best to lead users to your issue by choosing your post title carefully.

You can also edit your title or post as the post originator.  Simply use the Edit function.

For your issue, we seem to have some overlap with Rhapsody and maybe MTP mode (which involves Windows Media Player 10 or 11).

You might try either updating or reinstalling Rhapsody, and possibly Windows Media Player.

Post some details about your operating system / service pack / media player version, and I’m sure help will be on the way!

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