RunSanDiskSecureAccess_Win stuck at searching for updates


I just bought new Ultra Fit 3.0 64GB and tried to install RunSanDiskSecureAccess_Win but it has stucked at 1% saying “Checking for updates… please wait”. There is no problem with reading/writing. Can anyone advise what is happening here? Thanks Marian


in that case you can try to format the drive on ExFat to ensure that its in the right format because its a 64GB drive. Also after formatting the drive you can download the latest version of the software and use it with the flash drive.

the latest version can be found here

Be sure the SecureAccess download is copied to the flash drive before you try installing it.

Ok, I have that latest version, V3, on the drive, but the problem persists when there is no Internet access; it indefinitely hangs on “Checking for Updates”.  Rather than assume everyone who uses external storage is online, how about we time that check out after a few seconds?