Round icon by battery level indicator??

Hello, there is a round or football shaped icon by my battery icon that i have never noticed before. Anyone know what it is? Man, I hope it hasn’t been here this whole time or else im not very observant. haha.   thanks!!   Doug:)

It means you have DRM-protected files on your player, and that icon indicates the license status. As the license gets close to expiring, the icon will change to half-full, then empty, letting you know you need to connect to the source program to renew the license. Protected files can come from subscription services (Rhapsody, Napster, etc.), or from Windows Media Player if you don’t change the default settings for ripping CDs.

Thank you very much!!   Doug:)

Well, that really pisses me off (excuse the language). So just how I we all supposed to know that little gem of information. As a matter of interest, was anyone else aware of this warning.

The clip is a great little unit and I really like mine. Perhaps Sansa should take a little time to tidy up their manual and tell us all the little goodies we might like to know about.

The subscription status indicator is missing from the User Guide descriptions for the Clip.  It’s most useful for periodic susbscription media like Rhapsody.  Licenses are issued for 30 day intervals (refreshed when the Sansa is signed on to Rhapsody).  The indicator changes as the period advances.

If you have protected media, the indicator will show that there are active DRM licenses.

For the Clip, the display disappears in “wedges”, and on the color display Sansas, it changes from green to red.


Given that the Clip comes with a Rhapsody installation CD, and printed material that basically implies that one needs to install Rhapsody to use the Clip (one doesn’t), it’s very strange that the user guide doesn’t include any description of this indicator.

Then again, has the user guide been updated to include features added by recent firmware upgrades?

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Hehe, the User Guide does have a few glitches of its own.  The omission of a Rhapsody guide is one good point.  Perhaps, I could build something with the latest Rhapsody client, with screenshots… as a sticky.

I found one cute page in the e200 User Guide, showing the battery meter.  In the view, two identical images are shown of the battery icon at roughly 50 per cent.

The captions below the icons are priceless.  The first says “half empty”, and the second, “half full”.  Quite philosophical indeed!  Technically, I guess both captions are correct.


It indicates half full when charging, half empty when playing. And if you believe that I’ll sell you that famous bridge.