I attempted to download the Rosetta Stone audio companion(Fuze) utilizing Windows Media Player per instructions from Roseatta Stone. The start Synch does not function.

Please advise.

Make sure your player is in MTP mode.

Do you have Windows Media Player 10 or 11? (Windows XP included WMP 9, which won’t work with the Fuze. It needs a later version). Try going to and upgrading to the latest Windows Media Player. 

Have you set the Fuze (under Settings/USB mode) to MTP? 

Try turning off the Fuze and holding the power button an extra 15-30 seconds to reset everything. Turn it back on, start WMP and then connect the Fuze in MTP mode. Is the Fuze detected by WMP at all? 

The Rosetta Stone files must include hidden DRM (digital rights management) information to limit copying. It needs to be transmitted through WMPlayer in MTP mode. Some setting in WMP is probably causing the difficulty. If Rosetta Stone has a support system, they are more likely to know exactly which settings to tweak, since it’s their file with their encryption. Let us know what’s going on here, but it would also help to contact them–you paid them for the files, I assume, and they’re the ones blocking their use. 

This DRM garbage can be extremely annoying, but it can usually be worked out with a little patience.