@neutron_bob wrote:

I like your smiley parade there.  I would bet that anythingbutipod might feature the Fuze+ in their “disassembly” section, that’s always great to browse.


I’m looking forward to the 16GB black model as soon as it’s available.


Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

I’m highly skeptical of the touch controls, having had a player with them before. If  I was standing/sitting still, it was easy enough to use…but if I was walking around, forget it! I prefer a tactile control interface, even preferring the buttons of the Clip+ to the wheel of the Fuze.

I do look forward to your thoughts on the Fuze+ though, once you get it and have time to play with it some.:smiley:

From the video clips, it looks like the touch interface is nice, but there will definitely be a learning curve.

I had quite a bit of fun watching my neice navigate around on her iPod Touch.  The machine absolutely requires plenty of eye contact to use the control.  With the Sansa, you can feel the controls in your pocket easily.

I do like the dedicated volume buttons.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: