Has anyone actually tried Rockboxon the Sansa? It looks like it would get us around the SMC video issues at least!

I have it installed and use it about half the time.

There are more options than the original software, but it uses the battery faster and it a little trickier to navigate (until you get used to it.)

I haven’t tried it with videos though- maybe tonight after work I’ll play with it.  It DOESN’T play the videos I’ve successfully converted for the Sansa software.

You’d still have to convert your videos- they have to be a smaller size and rotated. But there are lots of other converters out there…

Thanks for your reply… I would be particularly interested your experience with videos. I’m quite happy using the player with music and pictures but have had various problems converting videos.

But there are lots of other converters out there…

The two I’ve seen referred to in this forum are both rather costly IMO :slight_smile:

Rockbox, currently on c200, e200 and e200R series (not the v2 models), MpegPlayer plugin MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 video is better:  The freeware WinFF w/presets method is easy and good.  Presets are in a different location with newer v0.33 if you update.

SMC v4.220:

For me it converts fine in e200r PlaysForSure mode, but often will fail when writing file in Rhapsody mode.

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MKairys wrote:

Thanks for your reply… I would be particularly interested your experience with videos. I’m quite happy using the player with music and pictures but have had various problems converting videos.


But there are lots of other converters out there…


The two I’ve seen referred to in this forum are both rather costly IMO :slight_smile:

I finally downloaded last night but haven’t installed it.  Look for the “free version”.

I have used the free version of (search “media player” ) without issues- but it puts an arcsoft logo in the corner of the whole movie. You can pay $30 to get that logo taken off and to unlock more features, I won’t bother (yet) since the logo doesn’t cover up any of the widescreen movie I converted…

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I thought Rockbox was cool because you can change the themes and play games and whatever -

But really I haven’t messed around with anything but playing music from it since about 2 weeks after I installed it. 

BUT I use it at night because you can turn off the scrollwheel “light of death” - I hate being blinded in bed when I just want to adjust the volume…

… the free version of …

Is this what they call the “intro” version, i.e. arcsoft_mediaconverter25_retail_intro_e.exe?

It isn’t time-limited or crippled otherwise than in adding a logo?

No, it works fine except it adds the logo and a little ad at the end.

Apparently they have a newer webpage out- but yes that is the version I have.
Mine doesn’t say anything about an expiration date.

And you could try this solution

I find that Rockbox is much better for playing video than the Sandisk firmware (for v1 e200’s). Plus the mpegPlayer is always being improved. For example, you can now jump to different spots in a video from the main menu. If you are interested, I made an installer/updater for Rockbox to make it easier (click here for thread).

BTW, if you are looking for a good free video convertor, I would recommend MediaCoder. Really useful piece of software.

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Nice installer-

a lot of the themes seemed very repetitive, I’ll have to delete a bunch that are only a different background pic.

Yeep, I need to update the themes included. Once you update Rockbox, chances are the included themes wont work as intended, since a couple weeks back Rockbox changed the way themes work, so the artists all had to update the themes.

You can find all the themes here if interested:

Just click on the picture to download it, then extract the .zip to your Sansa. I’m actually thinking of building a feature into the updater that downloads all the themes, and extracts them automatically, but I don’t know if people would want to wait the extra time to download every theme…

Maybe you could build an UNinstaller too…  :smileyvery-happy:

I know that I’ve tried out quite a few themes but have settled on only a few of them to keep permanently.  Many the fonts are too small, others I just don’t like the picture, I don’t see the point in keeping 20 “themes” that are really all the same (Like the Acotil Blues.)

Point is, it’s a hassle to delete each file making up a them once it’s on my player. If there were a way to delete the them file and allow it to delet the other unneeded files (minus the icons, which seem to be shared quite often) that would be cool…

PS- US Army Signal Corps here…   :slight_smile:

I did make an Uninstaller. :smileyvery-happy:

Its located on the root of the Sansa. Its a batch file called uninstall.bat. It will remove everything Rockbox, and once you reboot, restore the Sandisk firmware will be restored.

As for themes, whenever I come across a theme I really don’t want, I just delete the .cfg in the .rockbox/themes folder. This removes it from the theme list. As for the rest of the files, the entire Acotil theme, with the numerous pictures, is only 1.3 MB, so if you worried about freeing up space, thats only lilke half of your average mp3.

The only other thing I can think of is, writing a batch file to clean out every file in all the theme folders. In other words, if you wanted to start copying themes from scratch. If you’re interested in that, I can make a batch file for you.

BTW, are you aware you can delete files from within Rockbox? If you updated you need to hold the select button to access the context menu for a file (when you are in the file browser). If you did not update then you still use the sub-menu (below select) to bring up the context menu.

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Either way it’s tedious.

In a perfect world you could make a theme uninstaller that is based off the pics- you select which pictures to delete and it would automatically delete the .cfg files for you.

It’s not like it takes forever - but skipping from folder to folder to delete both gets kind of old…

I suppose, it never really bothered me to just leave 'em there to be honest. :smileyvery-happy:

You must not have an e250.  :smileyvery-happy:

I don’t pretend like it will hold all of my music- I just copy what I’m feeling like listening to at the moment, and I have a 1gb microSD with all of Rush’s albums on it.

But for plane rides (to/from various countries in the middleEast with US Troops in them :wink: ) I put a movie or two on, and that takes up much of the 2gb.

(I’ve been too lazy to convert movies for Rockbox’s player so far…)

I have a e250 w/ a 2gb microSD card. :slight_smile:

Yeep, when I bought it it would hold most of my music, but that was over a year ago, and my music collection has since quadrupled. :smileyvery-happy:

Yeah, I would definetly check out Rockbox for videos if you’re watching full length movies. Saves on space, plus you can put them on the MicroSD card as well. Here are some easy instructions I wrote up a while back on how to get pretty good video on Rockbox:

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Sounds easy enough- I especially like being able to put movies on the MicroSD card.
(And doesn’t rockbox support SDHC on the v1 ??)

I’ll have to give it a stab tonight, I have college classes starting next week, which will seriously interfere with my goofing off time .!.!.!

So are .mpeg files smaller than .mov files?

I’m converting mostly longer .avi movies or TV shows.



You’re a GENIUS!!

I tried converting a couple short videos- an mpeg and an avi.  Both have issues playing back on my computer but work fine on rockbox- I’ll have to buy some more SD cards…

It was even a lot quicker using mediadecoder than most other conversion software suites…

And I s’pose I’ll have to do some searching on the rockbox forums- I figured out pause and quit but can’t tell if there’s any way to fast-forward or rewind in the mpeg player…

Thanks again!

Yeah, the converted video will not play well on computers.

Did you update Rockbox to the latest version? If so, the MpegPlugin main menu will have an option to jump to a spot in a video (1:00, 1:30, 2:00, etc.) I actually lilke it better than the rewind and fastforward in the Sandisk firmware.

Glad I could help. :smiley:

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