Rockbox support quality

So, many of us love Rockbox, the open source firmware that runs on many players, including the e200v1 (and almost v2 as well). If you want to know more, check the homepage at or check wikipedia.

Anyway, the folks who manage the forums and user mailing list enforce the rules tightly, to maintain the quality of the information found there. Lately, some users have been complaining about the strictness. I’m wondering, what do those of you who spend time there think of what’s going on?

This breaks down to two questions:

  1. Are the rules themselves too strict?

  2. Should the rules be enforced differently?

Any thoughts?

PS Please keep this civil, with no personal attacks on those who put a good deal of time into moderating the forum and mailing list.

They do seem a little harsh & hard-nosed to a ‘newbie’, but . . . it makes for a clean & well organized forum. Quite a bit different than the atmosphere you’ll find here.

I dunno, it seems that they’re a helpful bunch of geeks, IF you bother to Read and Search First.

They don’t let anything get off-topic, which is kinda good but I felt a little put out. Even though I know it’s for the good of the purpose of the forum.

Yeah, they’re nazis about it.