Rockbox & Sansa Connect

There is actually one brave soul making a hearty effort at opening up the Connect to alternative firmware:

IF anyone on this forum still reads and has the desire (and hopefully the knowledge) to contribute, I urge you to do so.  I myself will assist if given direction, but with no previous experience - I am currently at a loss.


Bless this mans heart. Didn’t sansa use to give the code to the rockbox team? Hell, thats the very reason I buy sansa products. WHAT HAPPENED!? WHAT ARE THEY THINKING!?

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SanDisk’s never given code to the Rockbox team.  The Rockbox team has developed versions of Rockbox that work on Sansa players, but wasn’t done with any assistance from SanDisk.

Not really sure what you mean by “what are they thinking.”  Of what benefit would it be to Sandisk to give code to the Rockbox team?

Even if Sandisk wanted to help Rockbox, I don’t believe they could. There are chips in Sandisk players made by other companies. Sharing the code would reveal details of those chips that Sandisk isn’t allowed to share. This is why Rockbox is forced to reverse-engineer everything. (I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the same with all MP3 players. Has any manufacturer ever help Rockbox do their thing?)

“Not really sure what you mean by ‘what are they thinking.’  Of what benefit would it be to Sandisk to give code to the Rockbox team?”

For one thing, Accessibility for blind and severely visually impaired would be enhanced, I understand that Rockbox has voice navigation. For another, given that Rockbox seems to be taking over the world, it’s a big favorite with the folks at LibriVox (which is sort of tied in with Project Gutenberg and Internet Archive) it makes sense to get on a train that’s going somewhere and fast. What sense did it make to get involved with Yahoo!, which is about as stable as Birnham Wood, which MacBeth thought would never come to Dunsedain. It might be good to get in tight with Google/YouTube. I think Yahoo’s days as a big player are numbered. They should find a niche and lodge therein.

The proprietary chips may be a different matter, however, an appeal to self-interest does wonders