RockBox questions

Guys, I just looked at some of the rockbox features and I saw the 10 band graphic equalizer but nothing in the list of sandisk compatiblity?

Does anyone know of any good software that will organize your music files by beats per minute and also (same or different software) something that will even out the volume levels for all music in a folder or something like that?



Rockbox is the only alternative firmware for not only SanDisk, but many other players as well. Many people like it; some don’t. It has many, many customizable settings, more than what the average person will ever use and can be a bit difficult to understand. But there are a number ot “themes” that people have created giving you a choice of many different GUI’s. You can even have several loaded and switch between them at will.

I don’t know of any software that will group by similar beats oer minute, but MP3Gain can “normalize” volume levels, so they all play at a similar volume. Note you have to make these changes to the files while on your computer, then transfer them to your player. One nice thing about this is that the changes are not permanent, You can change the decibel levels or even remove the settings if you want; it doesn’t make changes to the file itself.

I use it on all my mp3 files before transferring to my players. I think the default setting of 89 db is a bit too low though, so I usually use 92-94 db.

Thanks. The thing is that I tend to get software and then not use it or even use a fraction of the stuff which in itself is ok but there were a few features that attacted my attention and the equalizer was one and the different gui’s was one of them. I’ll check this mp3gain out and yes, I was going to do it all on the computer and simply make different folders for anything that I change so it doesn’t affect the rest of the computer. I have plenty of storage on my computer so duplicates is not an issue.

THere IS sofware that will organize in bpm’s I think but I’ll have to find it. I saw something for iTunes but I dont’ do itunes. Apple shi* makes me break out in hives.