Rockbox playlist format

What is the format (or formats) of Rockbox playlists?  Are they the standard .pla or .m3u?  I want to create my playlists using Amarok under Linux or a similar program and then download them to Rockbox via the USB connection.   I also want to edit them on the computer, since the interface there is much easier to work with.  Is that a reasonable thing to do?

And by the way, I haven’t been able to locate the specification of the .pla format.

It’s been a while since I played with Rockbox, but if I recall correctly the format of the playlists you create on the device (in RB) is .m3u8. I think though that you can create .m3u format playlists off the player and it will read them OK.

Someone is bound to correct me if I’m worng wrong on this.

Or even “wrong” … :wink:

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