Rockbox fail

So, If anyone remembers I was one of the first people to use Rockbox on my Fuze (a long time ago in March) and some might remember me posting photos and whatnot of it under the name ATZ. I’ve used the first Rockbox ver I installed on my Fuze (the same one that wasn’t meant for Fuze but I used it anyway) since a few days ago when I got curious and wanted to see if there’s anything better in the actual ver of Rockbox for Fuze but when I installed it, it froze at the screen which shows Rockbox blablalblala and whatever I done it stayed like that and wouldn’t change. So I gave up and just tried to use my old ver but oddly it doesn’t work - the problem is that once I enter the menu in Rockbox and pick a song, it woulds say “Codec Failure” or “Codect Not Found” (not sure which one) and it would do this for every single song so it’s basically un-usable. 

Any ideas on what magic should I use to fix this?

If you need any more info, ask :) 

Codec failure means you have an incomplete or corrupt install.  I would reinstall, taking care to avoid skipping any of the install steps in the manual.