Rockbox Doesn't Recognize Track #


I just recently discovered that my Rockbox doesn’t recognize track number, but organizes them by their filename instead. I didn’t find out earlier because just about all my albums have the numbers listed in the filename, so they were in their proper order. The particular files that are not being recognized by their track number have both ID3v1 and 2 tags. However, in the original Sansa firmware, these same tracks are in the correct order, so it’s just Rockbox that’s not reading it.

Is this standard for Rockbox, or is it possible to modify it to read the track number?

By the way, I’m new to the e200, can someone tell me if it’s normal for the black background of the screen with the scrolling letters and numbers upon loading of the original firmware (after Rockbox installation) to light up and then have the left side of the screen light up brighter just before the original firmware screen appears? Do any of yours do that?