Road Testing The Fuze

Gave the Fuze a nice little work out at the beach.  I covered the docking port with some electrical tape for outside use and zipped it in a little snack baggie for the beach to keep the sand and surf off.  Made a pin hole in the plastic and pushed in the sansa buds jack through. (didn’t want to take better buds or my px100s)  It made a practically airtight case and I could still operate all the controls including the wheel through the thin plastic.

Regarding the EQ:  I know it is not advisable to use with a stereo system or good headphones, but it was great with the sansa buds.  10,7,4,3,2.  Made all the difference in the world out there on the lounge… :wink:


Message Edited by axon01 on 12-28-2008 02:49 AM

Very wise.

Dammed sand gets into EVERYTHING! :smileyvery-happy: