River Past Crazi Video for Sansa

Has anyone used this successfully for the Fuze?;

River Past Crazi Video for Sansa is a powerful Sansa video converter which can convert AVI MPEG to Sansa, DVD to Sansa Video, and convert other popular video files to to Quicktime movie supported by Sansa.


After I put the converted Quicktime movie to the VIDEO folder in my Sansa e250 v2 in MSC mode, safely disconnectSansa from my PC, then sansa refreshed the database successfully, but I could not see the newly converted Quicktime movie. I could only see the clips converted by the Sansa Media Converter.

Do I need to do something to make Sansa e250 v2 to reconize the Quicktime movies? All the clips converted by the Sansa Media Converter have file extention of avi.

Nice SPAM.


If I could try it out first, maybe I’d think about it. But $30 is steep for a piece of software with no guarantees that it will work.

I ran across that software also. It says it has a 30 day guarantee, but not sure if I want to chance it. Hopefully someone else will post who has tried it.

I don’t think its SPAM if we are just trying to find something that Sansa should already have… a working piece of software.

I think I will just use the Sansa Media Converter 4.256. It works fine. It was just a pain to have to connect my Sansa e250 before it will allow me to convert any video.

It’s shareware. so I think it is fully functional for 30 days…free. all depends how the developer handles “free to try”.

just went to developer’s site…

River Past Crazi Video uses the same installer for the free trial and registered users.

As the free trial, a watermark will be added to the converted video, and the conversion is limited to 2 minutes per file.

Upon purchase, you will receive a passcode which will remove the limitation. No re-installation is needed.

Please check the system requirements to ensure you have all the system components required. Additional downloads may be required.

so at least you will know whether it works or not on your Sansa.

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