Ripping books from CDs

Just got a Clip and am totally new to digital players/CD ripping.  Main content for me is books on CD.   Typically, these consist of multiple CDs, each with 10-20 tracks, with tracks just named Track 1, Track 2, etc.  Have been using Windows Media Player and entering Album name manually, as book name with disk # appended.  However, Windows then makes the file names huge by constructing it as album name+track#+track name.  This works OK when I then copy/paste to the Clip - The Clip shows the individual disks as separate albums, but the track names are huge and all look the same in the tiny display.  I ripped some tracks using Express Rip, which allowed me to cut the size of the track file names, but Clip didn’t recognize the album name - it showed up as “Unknown”.  If anyone has been down this road before and knows a way to retain album structure and limit file name size, I woul d appreciate it if you would tell me about it.  I haven’t tried fooling with playlists yet.  I have spent half the day wrestling with this so far and have no heart for another bout with Microsoft’s bloatware.  Thanks.

Is what you want in WMP under Tools/Options/Rip music/Filename?  You can specify what information to include in the filename there.

I hope this helps.

I find RealPlayer (RP) to do a better job of ripping books on CD into MP3 than WMP because it has more flexibility in naming files.

What I do in RP for the first CD is put the author and book title in the “Artist” field and then copy this entire string of characters (like “John Grisham - The Firm” ) to paste into the “Artist” field for each CD in the book.  I put “d01”, “d02”, “d03”, … in the “Album” field according to which CD is being ripped.

Go to Tools…Preferences and make sure “My Library Files” (in the “General” category on the left) points to the folder you want the MP3’s to reside in.  Also in Preferences look at the “My Library” category along with the subcategories of “Advanced My Library” and “Clip Info ID3 Tags”.  The keys are “Advanced My Library” where you want the File Names to be “Album - Track Number” and SubFolders to be “Artist\Album”.  Note the preview to see what the filenames will look like.  Under “Clip info ID3 Tags” you really only need ID3v2 but I usually select both ID3v1 and ID3v2.  Still in Preferences under the “CD” category is where you select the format and bitrate (quality) for the ripped files.  I usually use MP3 or WMA at “64 Kbps Stereo” which is plenty good for audiobooks and would allow you to have about 60 CD’s worth of audiobooks on a 2GB Clip (if you have no other files on the Clip).

Hope this helps.

Sorry if this is totally NOT something you’re interested in, but I have found that merging several/many/all audiobook files (mp3s) into one huge mp3 file is much nicer on the Clip, especially for bookmarking.

It would certainly cut down some on naming issues, as you only have one file per book (or a couple/few if you desire it that way) to name.  Not good for jumping to the next section or back a few chapters, but with bookmarking there is no need for that anyway, IMO.

I won’t go nuts here describing it all, as it’s been covered a few times in these forums, and like I said you may not even want to do anything like that at all. If you are curious, ask here or search here. The bookmarking feature that was added in the last firmware upgrade is very, very cool. I am currently using Mp3merge, and it is very simple and effective.

Good luck with your audiobooks and your Clip…very cool combo.

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It does help.  Thank you very much.

Thanks for the detailed suggestion.  So far I have not installed Real Player on my PCs because of allegations that it is essentially spyware, reporting usage back to its home servers.  Do you find this to be the case?

Thanks.  Your recommendation is a bit advanced for me at this point, but I will examine other posts for info on bookmarking.  So far I am following the model of playing CDs, track by track, putting current track on hold if I stop listening temporarily.  The Clip is better for this than the CD players because it shuts itself off quickly, but remembers where I was.  I used to burn up batteries in the CD player by leaving it on hold.  If I turned it off, only the Panasonics used to remember where I left off.  However, I am already starting to wish the Clip would just go on to the next album/CD, so maybe I will be ready for bookmarks soon.

I see you are a Sennheiser headphones fan.  So am I.  I have had many sets over the years, and am currently using HD280 Pro with my TV/Sound system at home.  For the road I used the PX-100 and PX-200s but found them not to last very long - cables eventually broke under stress.  Same thing happened with some of the home units (ok, I stepped on the cord when I stood up and it pulled out), but the HD280 cord is great.

Re earbuds I just stopped using a set of JVC marshmallows in favor of Phillips SHE5910.  Can’t speak to sound quality, as I have a substantial hearing loss, but they are much louder than the JVCs, and that is what I need.

Apologies for my late responses to all who replied to my initial post.  My hard drive died and it has taken me most of a week to get everything back together.  Caveat to those who back up to DVD-RW: I found that a number of my files were not readable when I tried to restore them, even though I backed up with Verify using Sonic RecordNow!

Coyote400: Most Sennheiser phones I’ve ever used were pretty much all nice. All companies have a few lemons, but I’ve like most Senns I have used in the past.

I did have some PX100’s…actually 2 pair of them…the chord was wrapped so tightly around the case, in the packaging, that the strain caused some issues with the chord…ugh. I did like the sound of them very much though…and they are almost perfect for foldable phones on the go. I may revisit them again someday.

The PX200 seems like they would be real nice, since they are “closed”, compared to the open PX100. However, I have heard a lot of people complain about not getting a good tight seal with them…plus I have never seen them locally to “audition”…which I relaly like to do before I commit (or keep).

On the earbuds, the Senn MX460 actually have a nice representation of bass that is lacking on most earbuds (not IEMs or canalphones)…very nice, better than a lot of their other earbuds, IMO.

The JVC Marshmallows are unbelievable for the price. I got mine onsale for $10…not bad. I use Shure orange foamies on them though, as the stock tips would not seal good for me and my ears…leading to no bass whatsoever. I would upgrade in the canalphone area, but they still kinda bug me, being inserted as they are. I really like “headphones” for sound and comfort, and “earbuds” for simplicity and for being discrete.

Anyway, I may snag some HD280’s in the future. They are very nice, for sure. Nice phones you got there.

Anyway, sorry for the derailment, but hope the bookmarking is going well for ya. Lemme try to dig up a few posts here for you to reference.

Here’s one that I babbled on about bookmarking (in my experience, at least):

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