Ripping advice

I am ready to bite the bullet and re-rip my CD collection.  Previously I ripped it using Windows Media Player and ripped everything to WMA Lossless.  That obviously did not work with the Clip+, so I have been re-ripping individual CDs as I wanted/needed them.

After reading these forums, I have decided to re-rip using Media Monkey and rip to FLAC on my hard drive, then have MM convert to WMA for use on the Clip+ (I want to be able to load lots of different music on the Clip+ so that I have music for whatever mood I happen to be in).

So, that being said, I have the following questions…

1.  When ripping to FLAC, MM give me the option to set the “Compression Level”.  By default this value is “6”.  Is this a good setting or would a lower setting be preferable.  I am not worried about the amount of disk space that will be used since I can get a good 2TB disk for < $100.

2.  Is WMA a good format for using on the Clip+ as far as sound quality and size?

3.  When converting from FLAC to WMA, I have the following options, and am not sure what the best settings are:

Type of bitrate, Bitrate, Sample rate and Channels.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.



You should be able to just convert the WMAL to Flac, and not have to re-rip. Then as far as converting, there are instructions here in the forum if you search on how to replace the time-limited LAME mp3 encoder in Mediamonkey with a perpetual one…do that, then convert your flacs with mediamonkey to the VBR(variable bitrate) setting of ~192kbps. You can use the preset that says “Standard: VBR ~192kbps- Very High Quality+”, that is a great compromise between ultimate sound and saving space. Mediamonkey can also ReplayGain for you as well, which doesn’t work with WMA.


    Thanks for the information.