rip cassettes

will the sansa express 2g rip cassettes & how do i do it?

You CAN NOT rip cassettes with any mp3 device!!!

and this is the Sansa View forum NOT the Sansa Express forum!!! :slight_smile:

@1nonly wrote:
You CAN NOT rip cassettes with any mp3 device!

If the mp3 player has a line-in input and supports recording you could connect a cassette player to record the songs.

No SanDisk player that I know of has a line-in. Also, even a cheap PCI soundcard will give you better sound recording quality than most MP3 players.

Thanks kennyj

It doesn’t matter if no Sansa has it because every PC used to charge/load it has Line Input.

Not always.  PCs that have a full sound card, yes.  Integrated motherboard sound, usually.  SFF PCs and laptops often don’t.