Rhapsody + WMP + microSD usage

Newbie with Several questions:

  • I use Rhapsody-to-Go to sync my Fuse 4GB, and have added a 4 GB microSD card. Can I use an adaptor to plug the microSD directly in to a computer and add songs using drag and drop, or will this mess up the Rhapsody syncing.
  • Also, is it possible to have several microSD cards with different songs on them, and swap them in the Fuse?
  • And it appears the only way to delete songs is one at a time! If I delete songs from a playlist on Rhapsody will they be deleted from the Fuse during sync? 
  • Can Rhapsody sync and WMP sync co-exist peacefully?

Thanks for any newbie tips…


Bullets 1, 2 & 4 = YOU CAN! When it comes to Rhapsody syncing just remember whats already on your card and you should not have an issue. I dont know about newer versions of Rhapsody (I dont use it anymore. I may start again) But with the older version I had IT couldnt tell if the files were already on (WMP says Already on Device). You can have hundreds of cards if you so choose (Especially if you already have them) I however would sugges you just buy the largest card you can get your hands on or justify spending money on, because once you start getting your fuze filled up and then you fill the card every time you swap out a card the fuze will have to rebuild your library and directories, like it does post sync, and this could take a while. Yes Rhapsody and WMp can Coexist but you have to keep everything straight whats in rahpsody and whats in WMP so you know what you are adding and when.

Deleting multiple songs is pretty simple,   If you have entire artists you want gone you can open the fuze up in your “My Computer” window then open the internal or external memory (depending on where you sync’d it) find the artist folder and hit delete. Or you can select multiple folders like you would if you were selecting multiple files for drag and drop. IF you need to get more spesific than artist(Album for instance) Just open the artis folder and you should see sub folders with album names. do the same thing select multiple files and hit delete.

Nice answer, thanks. It seems you’re recommending I get a big card and avoid the hassle. I have the 4gb built in and 2 extra 4gb cards + 2 2gb cards! I’m hoping to be able to use these in the Fuse. I’m wondering if I should try using one for Rhapsody, one for WMP, one for audiobooks, podcasts, whatever…I drive a lot and hope the Fuse will help fill the time.

Also, I use Linux extensively. I wonder if I should have a separate chip for linux? That definitely requires some research.

I have limited lunix experiance So that I do not know. I commute 3 hours a day (1.5 hours either Direction) 2-3 days a week, and the fuze has made it alot better. I owuld suggest you load 1 card plus internal with your primary listening media (for your commute) this will eliminate the down time that comes from rebuilding the directory. Spliting the cards up by contents is a good Idea if you have enough if each type to make it worth the trouble of managing them.

How long does the rebuild after swapping take?

suffice it to say 2 things, The more stuff the longer it takes, and to Swap I would turn off my fuze then swap, then turn on and rebuild, could take 5 minutes maybe more maybe less.

just timed it

8 sec start up (from power on till sansa logo goes away)

2:21 to rebuild

2:29 total 

I only have 2 gig fuze with 2 gig card, So Thats just the size of your player, I have approx 250 mb open combined between my card and player. All music no video or pics. Its not so bad when you are sitting in the office or at home but on the road i know i wouldnt like it.

Many thanks, I’m liking the Fuse.