Rhapsody vs. Urge

Hello All,

I bought a Sansa e250.  At the time I bought it I would download music via my Windows Media Player using the Urge Online Store.  I purchased the tracks.  I did not subscribe to the service.  (I hate the thought of renting music).  Shortly thereafter Urge & Rhapsody merged.  All my Urge tracks were imported to Rhapsody and played on Rhapsody.   Sadly this did not last.  Now, the tracks I bought on Urge will not play on Rhapsody.  They keep saying I need to update my track licenses and point me to the Urge website which no longer exists.  Does anyone have any suggestions.  I’ve been on the Rhapsody help website and contacted there tech support.  I think I am on email thread 50 with them.  They’ve just decided to tell me there contract with Urge is over and too bad so sad you lost all your music.  



I’d tell them (CRhapsody) “so sad you lost a customer due to your abysmal customer service” and move on.