Rhapsody to Clip+ -- do you also have .sid files?

I just noticed that sometime over the last week or so Rhapsody would transfer .sid files to my Clip+, in addition to the expected .wma files.

Is anybody else seeing them too? I’m trying some new downloads and don’t see any more .sid files – but there’re in every folder (one for each track) I downloaded in the past week.

Curious to know if anybody sees them too… 

Quick update – I also only seem to get the .sid files on my external microsdhc card, and not on the internal memory.

So, if you:

  1. Have Rhapsdoy

  2. Have a Clip+ with an external microsdhc card

If you then:

  1. transfer a Rhapsody album to the external microsdhc card

  2. disconnect the Clip+ and quit Rhapsody

  3. reconnect the Clip+ (don’t open Rhapsody)

  4. use Windows Explorer to opens the contents of the music/album folder in your external microsdhc card

Do you see .sid files in there? (ie, in addition to the .wma files)

I don’t get them on my internal, but I do on my external…


Sorry, one more thing to note: the .sid files are ‘hidden’ so you’ll need to be able to see hidden files – that said, there are not similar .sid hidden files on folders saved to the internal memory…

You’ll notice that there are some unique things that happen in the world of the µSD card, like the .sid file.  This is part of the way the microSD standard works, actually.

The µSD card is designed for interchangeability between devices, with a primary application of images as in digital cameras, audio files as with the Sansa, and more.  Video files fall into this category as well, as phones and other portable devices share media quite readily.

Thus, you’ll see interesting things when browsing the µSD card, used by various machines.

If you have secure media, like your Rhapsody To Go files on the µSD card, they will play on your Sansa, but won’t play if loaded on another device.  I can load files from several accounts, onto one µSD card, and the respective files wil only be accessible when used on the correct device.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

So you see them too? And .sid is part of the microsdhc standard? (I couldn’t seem to find any reference to that online)

Isn’t the internal memory microsdhc too?