Rhapsody Gone Wrong?


I downloaded the 14 day free trial for Rhapsody and got all my songs. I went to “transfer” my songs to my Sansa Fuze and it says I have to pay for them!! I don’t want to pay for the. Besides, it does say it is free! If I am mistaken please tell me. 


Please post somthing! I need HELP!!!

If it’s a Rhapsody To Go trial, you can indeed transfer songs to your Sansa.  The Sansa needs to be in MTP Mode for subscription transfer.

Right-click on the Sansa, with the Rhapsody client open.  It will appear in the sources pane in the upper left.  Select Authorize , then you can transfer your music from the Music Guide.


@gooneygirl11 wrote:

Please post somthing! I need HELP!!!



I know the Internet is a big place, but three minutes isn’t very long to wait for a response. :wink: Microsansa is right, you should be able to transfer and play songs during your trial period, but FYI the songs you download during your free trial will also stop playing after a while when the license expires (30 days, I believe) unless you subscribe or buy the tracks outright. 

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Remember, Rhapsody is a pay-to-play service (after the free trial period). As long as you pay, the music will play.

Essentially, you’re ‘renting’ the music . . . unless of course you want to pay even more and actually own it. :wink:

Rhapsody is a great service. For about $143 a year, I have access to more than six million songs. And, if you do want to purchase the music, they sell DRM-free MP3s at prices that are still cheaper than iTunes (but not as cheap as Amazon.com).

Yes, it’s a great deal!  And the purchased tracks are quality 256kbps MP3 too, without DRM.  Subscription tracks are nice too, 160kbps WMA.