rhapsody failures

Does anybody know why rhapsody is terminating with run time errors? i’ve tried reloading the software but it keeps coming back???

You haven’t given enough information for anyone to give you a reasonable answer.

And this board is probably not the best choice in which to pose the question. Find the board applicable to your player and repost giving more details and I’m sure someone can then help you.

Be sure to have the latest version of Rhapsody.  It is compatible with Windows 7, so you son’t need to run it in compatibility mode.  If you are running 64bit it should also be compatible.

Give us some details about your operating system, and we can go from there.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

I too only get error messages that codex are not supported…even when trying to paly their own files from their music guide.  Last week I was told by online help that Rhapsody knew about the problems…didn’t know when they could fix them…  Today, I was told to de-install and re-install …I did this…but still the same problem.  

Wish I had bought a apple product, I don’t know if my sandisk will work with itunes…??? what to do if Rhapsody just doesn’t care and SanDisk promoted them…?

BTW: I have a 64 bit window Vista OS.  For a month this did work…now nothing…with no support by Rhapsody

Please contact the technical support team and open a ticket for it