Rhapsody - Can you create TWO SEPARATE Rhapsody libraries?

Here’s my question:

Is it possible to create TWO separate song libraries using Rhapsody software? 

I have two Sansa 8GB Clips:

For Clip A: I’d like to download my entire song library to Clip A,

For Clip B: I’d like to download a “Best Of” collection (only selected songs from the library) to Clip B.

What’s the easiest way to do this, if it’s possible at all?

Right now, I’m doing it manually.  Downloading the entire library (to Clip A) is no problem.  But for my “Best Of” collection (on Clip B), I pick the songs one by one and download them to Clip B.

Doing this once isn’t so bad, but if I have to do it more than once, it is a REAL pain - I have over 500 songs in my Rhapsody library.  The Clip with my “Best of” collection (Clip B) recently froze and I’ll have to reformat it.  If this keeps happening, I don’t want to have to select from 500 songs every time - I’d like to set up a separate “Best of” library so that I could just download the library without going through the song-picking process every time. 

I was thinking of recopying the complete song library MP3 files into a separate folder and then deleting the songs that I don’t want so that I can create my “Best of” collection.  But if I do that, how do I link the new folder to the Rhapsody library?  And wouldn’t I lose all of the song information about Genre, Artist, Album title, etc., that was established when I first downloaded the songs into my Rhapsody library?

I would really appreciate any help on how to set up two Rhapsody libraries, since it could save me hours worth of work.  FYI, the “Best Of” collection is for my son - I wouldn’t be torturing myself like this if it was just for me!


Create two playlists, one for each Clip. Then just sync the playlists to the Clips.

Thanks, but creating two Playlists won’t accomplish what I’d like to do.  For example, if my whole library is 500 songs, I can load them all directly onto one Clip (let’s call it Clip A) - I don’t need a Playlist to do that.  Now let’s say that out of those 500 songs, I want to download just 100 songs onto the second Clip (Clip B) for a “Best of” collection.  If I create a Playlist with the 100 songs for Clip B, I’d still have to download ALL 500 songs, right?  That would leave 400 unwanted songs on Clip B, cluttering up all the directories and taking up memory space (the second Clip belongs to my son; he likes some of my stuff, but he also adds his own).

So what I’d like to do is create a separate library with ONLY the 100 songs that I would want to download to Clip B.  Downloading would be easy - I would just select all 100 songs and download them all in one shot.  That way, if I have to reformat Clip B again (it’s having problems), I wouldn’t have to hand pick the 100 songs, one by one.

The only problem is, I don’t know if it’s possible to have two separate libraries using Rhapsody that would include all of the Genre, Artist, Album information for each song.  If anybody has any experience with this, I’d appreciate a response.  Thanks!

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All you have to do is drag and drop the 100 song playlist to Clip B. It will not require copying the other content.

Sansafix, my main point is that picking and choosing 100 songs (actually, more than that) from many individual albums (one from album A, five from album B, etc.) takes a LONG time.  Doing the selection one time isn’t so bad, but I’ve had issues with one of my Clips (it looks like I’ll have to reformat it) and I sure do not want to drag and drop 100 individual songs if I wind up having to reformat the Clip every few months.

This kind of download would be easy to do if you could set up two libraries in Rhapsody.  Instead of having a single “My Library”, you could have one “Dad’s Library” and another one would be “Son’s Library”.  You could copy songs back and forth between the two libraries.  In my case, I could just drag and drop the 100 songs into my son’s library ONCE , and then they would always be there.  If I ever had to reformat my son’s Clip, I could just go into “Son’s Library” on Rhapsody and download all 100 songs in one shot - I wouldn’t have to drag and drop them individually, picking them out of the 500 songs that are in “Dad’s Library”.

I would think that there are families out there that have two or more Clips and that having separate libraries in Rhapsody would help them with their downloads, especially if they ever have to reformat their Clips.

That’s why I’d like to know if there’s anybody out there who’s found a way to have two separate song libraries using Rhapsody.  If not, is there any other software that could accomplish what I’m trying to do?  Of course, I want to be able to preserve all of the Genre, Artist, Album information that was tagged to each of the songs when I downloaded them.

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Again, playlists. You can SAVE a playlist (or multiple playlists) for each person, then sync those playlists anytime you like. No need to select every song each time. You can even add or remove songs from playlists freely.

I thought you could save playlists in Rhapsody, but now I can’t find a way to do it. :frowning:

Is using another program an option? I know Windows Media Player lets you save playlists. Then you would only have to select the songs for each playlist once.

gwk1967, you can easily save Playlists using Rhapsody - check the Help feature of Rhapsody, it’ll walk you through it.

But like I said, Rhapsody Playlists aren’t the answer to the problem I’m trying to solve (the details are in Post #3, first paragraph).

I think that the playlist suggestion is a suggestion for management, not actually adding to your player. It seems easy enough to me to create a playlist with the songs you want on Clip B, and then use it only as a management tool so you know what songs you want. Then create a folder or somethin on your pc to put that music in. That way you know exactly what you are getting. and No you should not need to add all 500 songs when you add the playlist.

Conversion Box, I’m not clear on how I would download the 100 songs onto Clip B as a single download.  Let’s say I created a separate Windows file folder for the 100 songs that I want to put on Clip B.  Then what do I do?  Using Rhapsody, I can’t copy all of the songs from the Windows folder directly onto Clip B, I would have to import them into “My Library” first, right?  If I do that, wouldn’t that leave me with TWO copies of those 100 songs in “My Library”?  Wouldn’t that leave me with a total of 600 songs in “My Library” (500 original songs plus 100 copies)?  Please let me know if there’s something I’ve missed here.


Im not crazy farmilliar with Rhapsody files but fo they prevent you from Draging and Droping to your clip? If they do then, I dont understand why you have to add all 500 to clip b as opposed to just the playlist. In general all programs that do playlists only add the playlist to the player so if you Create a playlist called Clip A, and a playlist called Clip B, and you only choose the playlist Clip B to add to said clip that is all that should transfer, unless they have changed Rhapsody in the last year.

Thanks for all of the advice - I’ll give it a try this evening.  I’ve used Playlists plenty of times before, but not in the way that you’re describing (I just use Playlists to create special mixes on the Clip, not for file transfer).  The Rhapsody Help manual does a pretty lousy job of explaining how to use Playlists in Rhapsody.

If this works, creating a “Clip B” Playlist would solve my problem - it would be even better than creating a separate library.

As far as I know you can only have one library per account in Rhapsody anyway.

I did some experimenting and it looks like I’ll be able to accomplish what I want to do using Playlists.

Thank you to everybody for your advice - you probably saved me lots of hours of manual drop and drag.  This is one of those times when the internet works the way it’s supposed to!  Problem solved !