Rhapsody 6 won't transfer songs

I’ve been using Rhapsody 4 with my Clip and previous Sansa players for several years with few issues.  Recently, Rhapsody 4 stopped authorizing my device, which I took as a sign that I was being forced over to Rhapsody 6.  I’m now running into two problems:

  1. When I try to synch my Clip, Rhapsody keeps continually downloading songs over and over again in a loop.  The synch never ends.

  2. I can’t transfer any Rhapsody tracks to my clip.  When I drag and drop individual tracks or playlists, I get a message saying that the somgs were transferred, but they aren’t actually on the device.  

My clip is definitely in MTP mode, so that’s not it.  I’m wondering if this isn’t a DRM problem – I have lots of regular, unprotected MP3 tracks on my Clip from my local collection, and I know the “new” Rhapsody won’t let you mix and match protected and unprotected tracks on playlists, so maybe having them on the same player causes a breakdown?

I’m considering reformating the whole Clip and going with just subscription tracks, but I thought I’d ask for help first before going that route, since it’s going to delete a lot of content.  Rhapsody customer support has been completely worthless.

Are you trying to put put the Rhapsody tracks on card memory? MTP transfered files, especially those that are protected, are likely to cause problems when they are on card memory. Perhaps Rhapsody might not even let you put them on card memory?

Thanks for the reply.  I never had any problem putting Rhapsody tracks on card memory with Rhapsody 4, but I never had to manually put the Clip in MTP mode either.  

Rhapsody 4 always showed the player’s internal and external memory separately, but Rhapsody 6 doesn’t seem to do this, so I’m not sure how to tell where I’m trying to send the files.  Maybe pop the card out and see what happens?

I’m getting the impression that Rhapsody just doesn’t really want to support any non-streaming options, but I’m trying to do what I can before cancelling – I’m not sure what I’m going to do for running if I can get my Clip working.

I have never used Rhapsody, and haven’t used any other protected files either. i have read many posting about problems with protected files, especially on card memory. I did try using MTP transferred files though, and when those files were put on card memory, they gave me problems. After that I deleted all the files, and stuck with MSC mode for my Sandisk players. 

Perhaps there might be something wrong with your MTP drivers? These are contained within Windows Media Player, so perhaps you should try uninstalling it, and downloading the latest version of Windows Media player and installing it?

Dude I so feel your pain.  I registered to these boards just now because your message is from this last week.  I have fought with this BS for weeks now.  Mine does the exact same thing where it wants to wig out and just start downloading the music instead of syncing it.  Some of mine will sync, but then usually it just freaks out and goes into that download song loop (or it just tries to continually sync with complete and utter failure.)

Next day off I get I am actually going to call their HQ.  Their # isn’t on their website but you can find it if you look it up through the net.  Whoever I get on the phone will know very quickly that they will help me fix this problem or they can shove their software up their ass.  Either way I’m going to have them refunding me some money for worthless months of service.

Have you made any progress since?

If you’re talking SanDisk, its contact numbers are readily found here at its website.  But rather than calling HQ, recommended that you call Customer Tech. Assistance, which hopefúlly can solve your issues:


Milkerman - 

I was talking about Rhapsody.  I really hope this isn’t a Sandisk issue, but I’ll be more than happy to let them know how I feel about it as well if I find out it is on their end.

Let’s hope not.

I’m having the same issue with my Sandisk Fuze.  Rhapsody has always been problematic - but it finally seemed pretty stable with Rhapsody 4. However - they just turned of logins to Rhap 4 & so now I 'm forced to use Rhapsody 6.  Initially some songs would work - others would come up with an error that they needed to be synced.  I re-formatted & reloaded & it appears that issue was resolved - but now I’m getting the ‘looping’ issue downloading a certain album.  I have to agree with others - Rhapsody really doesn’t seem to care about MP3 support…so if I can’t get it worked I will be ending my subscription and moving to Google Music on an Android device. ALso - it appears that Rhapsody 6 only sees my external card memory on the SanDisk. You would think that after 8 years Rhapsody could finally debug / finetune the app and make it integrate better with MP3 players- but obviously that is not their focus.  If I can’t get it to work with MP3 - then time to move on…

There are special instructions on this Rhapsody page for Sansas. Scroll down. 


I doubt SanDisk can fix this since later SanDisk models don’t bother with Rhapsody at all.

If the website steps don’t help–and since you’re going deep into Windows, you have to be very careful about typing everything correctly–then call  Rhapsody and use words like escalate and supervisor and see if you can find someone who knows what they are doing.