Rhapsody 4 Experiment: Photos

Aw, bummer!

I tried importing some photos directly to the Fuze, with the Rhapsody 4 client and the latest ‘15’ firmware.

Normally, I have always plopped everything over happily with the Sansa Media Converter, without incident.

Video transfers do indeed work, so I thought I’d give the photo mode a try. 

I did get the cool pink logo, now improved with the Unsupported Media Format (with jpg file listed) screen, plus “please visit www.sandisk.com/support/sansa” message.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

I was disappointed to see the latest SMC release had done away with the photo crop feature. So simple, so useful.

Why eliminate that? 

Reminds me of years and years ago when I was looking for my first truck.  I had seen Toyotas and liked the tie-down hooks at the perimeter of the bed.  In '87 they eliminated them.  I asked the sales guy why they had eliminated the hooks; they seemed so useful.  He answered that the hooks were rusting.  They just decided to drop them.  Rather than figuring out how to make them NOT rust, of course. 

Are you using free Rhapsody download without the subscription?

I’ve run with Rhapsody since starting with multiple Clips.  For its conversion feaures, and working with the PC’s music library as well, if desired, the client will function fine offline.  This makes for a handy media tool :slight_smile:

I prefer the previous version of the SMC, as it has a dual cropping tool: with the e280 connected, I can crop and manipulate photos, and with the Fuze, the crop is far simpler- it’s just a zoom tool, but that can be useful.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: