Rewind button starts Refreshing Database

Every so often, when I hit the << button two or three times to move back through a song or hold it down, the Fuze suddenly starts to Refresh the database. It finishes, and I can go back to playing the song, but it’s inconvenient. 

I updated the firmware (1.01.22A) and have run Error-Checking on both the internal memory and the 4GB card, which didn’t find anything. 

It looks like a bug to me. Has anyone else experienced it, or found a fix? 

That sounds funky, doesn’t it?

Do you have the µSD card inserted?  It’s possible that you could have a poor connection.  If there is a card installed, release the card, then reinstall it.  Thsi will clear the contacts.

Is the card locked in the correct position?

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

The card is in place correctly.

As long as you have the µSD card locked, in the innermost position, it should be OK.  See if the refresh database pops up randomly.  If it does, remove the card and use the player for a while without the card.  See if the problem continues without the card mounted.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: