Reverse Alphabet - My solution

I was upset when I found out my Sansa Express played songs in reverse alphabetical order. I didn’t care much when I was playing albums, but it was a real pain playing audio books. If I had a 20 track/part book, it was starting at the end and playing back to the beginning of the story!

I tried all of the solutions listed on the forum here and nothing worked right. I usually set up my books into parts, like Track 001, Track 002, et cetera. At first I manually inserted a number as a prefix. for the last file and went backwards so that Track 020 became001Track020, Track 019 became 002Track019 … all the way to Track 001 becoming 020Track001. When the Sansa Express put them in reverse alphabetical order, it then played them in the right order. Doing it manually was a pain in the butt though.

I wanted to automate that process. I looked at file renaming programs. Many had a numeration option where you could insert a number in front of the file names. However, I went through a dozen of them where it would only count up in positive steps. I finally found one that will do numeriation using a -1 for a step, so that it numbers backwards. The program is Quick File Renamer

The version I found was 7.0, although the company released a newer version.

The program has a tab for numeration called ‘Sort & Serialise’. I set up an audiobook where the file names were Track 001 to Track 048, went to that tab, put 48 in the ‘Start Counter’ field, put -1 in the  ‘Increment by’ field, hit the ‘+’ button, to use that rule for my 48 files, and when I hit the ‘Rename’ button, it did all that numbering for me. The program also lets you insert characters, so you can insert an underscore to change 048Track 001 to 048_Track 001 if you want.

I just used mp3info2 to update the “track” ID3 tag to " 01", " 02"… instead of plain ol’ 1,2,3, and that seemed to work for me.

In case that doesn’t show up right in the forum - I made the track tag for track one space-zero-one. 

I don’t know much about the ID3 tag stuff, but I suspect the SanDisk expects to sort tracks as ASCII or something.