Retrieving music off broken Sansa Fuze 8GB

Okay, so I’ve had this Sansa Fuze for a few years now. It’s pretty old and today the screen came apart. I can no longer view the screen or anything on my Sansa. I am fine with this. I am willing to buy a new music player so that I can listen to my music. The problem is that my computer won’t recognize the USB device and all I want to do is retrieve my music off of it so that I can transfer it to a new device. Can anyone help? I can’t view my settings or anything on the device and I just want my music… I’ve tried all the suggestions I could find.

Please refrain from posting the same message in multiple boards. This only leads to confusion for everyone involved. If you discover you have posted in the wrong board in error, you can delete it in the Options of the message and re-post in a more appropriate place.

This board IS the correct place for your question. However since there was already one reply for your same question in the Off-Topic board, you would not be able to delete it anyway and that’s the one I came upon first and responded before coming across this one.

A PC, yes but a broken Fuze, I don’t think this would ever be possible. Sorry to see this for you buddy.