Retrieving music off broken Sansa Fuze 8GB

Okay, so I’ve had this Sansa Fuze for a few years now. It’s pretty old and today the screen came apart. I can no longer view the screen or anything on my Sansa. I am fine with this. I am willing to buy a new music player so that I can listen to my music. The problem is that my computer won’t recognize the USB device and all I want to do is retrieve my music off of it so that I can transfer it to a new device. Can anyone help? I can’t view my settings or anything on the device and I just want my music… I’ve tried all the suggestions I could find.

Sometimes with Windows, it works to connect the player to the computer; go to the Windows Device Manager and de-authorize the SanDisk device there; disconnect the SanDisk device; and then re=connect the device.  This process can force Windows to establish a new connection to the SanDisk device. 

Do you know if you loaded your music onto the player while it was in MTP or MSC mode? You can ‘force’ an MSC connection by moving the POWER switch down to the LOCKED or HOLD position and holding the REW button (with player off) and plugging into the computer. Continue holding REW button until it is recognized and appears in Windows Explorer and 2 new Removable drives.

If your music was loaded with the player in this mode, you should be able to see and copy everything back to your computer for re-transfer later to a new player. If your player was in MTP mode, or Auto Detect (which defaults to MTP) however, then this won’t help as your computer can only see the files added while connected in the same mode as the transfer took place.

Try to plug in on an older PC too. You might have a higher chance of it getting detected.