Retrieving a deleted voice file

I have a 2GB Sansa e250
(An excellent product)
I record live classical recitals so the performer’s can study and evaluate…the fidelity is good enough for this kind of work–actually amazing how well it picks up from my suit coat “handkerchief” pocket.

I inadvertently deleted one of the files I recorded this evening.

Of course I knew I should have downloaded the files too my computer, but…

Is there any way to recover the file?

My son is an IT person and he probably will understand any solutions you may have. I know this is sometimes possible from a hard drive, but this “flash” memory may not work that way.

Just get data recovery software and run it.  Use the mp3 player as little as possible, and do not add anything to it.  Data recovery via software works pretty much the same way as a hard drive

Welcome Bkingnew to the community!

its possible to use data recovery software.  Some work better with what they are designed for than others.  We recommend using Rescue Proas your choice for data recovery.

I have the same problem. Rescue pro finds a bunch of demo music mp3s and image jpg files but it does not find any voice files. I have not touched the e250 after deleting the file - but this software can not find my file. Has anyone had any luck with this or any other data recovery software to get a voice file back?