Resume Play is not a book mark.

I am not sure the last 10 files played in the music or book sections were ever intended to be bookmarks.  I have not been able to find it in the manual.   We talk about it as a bookmark but it is not.  For music is my be perfect.  For books it is not.

I have tried not to complain about issues that I have raised that have not been resolved, but I recently had to use my player for all the things my old fuse would do.  I tried to find my place in a book I had been playing the day before.   I had been playing another book for 15 chapters or files.  I the book I was going back to had a very large number of files,  I could not get back to where I ended last within a resonable amount of time.  My guess is that it would have taken me 10 minutes on the side of the road to get back to where I left off.  

I was playing a book lately that was getting preditable.  I started another book.  I would continue the first book if I did not have to search too hard to find where I was.  

I have been using the music and book sections for books, this gave two usable “bookmarks” ,  but then I could  not play more  than 8 or 9 song with out losing my one of my “bookmarks.”  

The old player was great.  Just like the standby button as changed, and we now have brose by folder, this player should be made to resume any book that has not been deleted.  

Before releasing some unualbe trash like the current audiobook section SanDisk should, let someone, that play audiobooks all the time and rarely paly music, test the revision. 

I gave up on this player. It was Intended to be an replacement for my clip+. But this thing doesnt handles the multifile mp3-audiobooks like the clip+, not even close.

The firmware-development-team is either different to the team of the clip/clip+ or forgot about some of the features they already implemented in the previous players. In software-development these things happen, its pretty common, i dont blame them for this.

But with our needs for multifile-mp3-audiobooks i think we are at the bottom of the priority-list… to few of us ask for fixing this problem.:cry:

Maybe they even arent aware of this.

I dont know what the last 10 files thing is for, i think the player just should resume at the last played file with the last choosen method of playback when turned on. 

The sound of the fuze+ is really great, the batteries give enough running-time so this thing has some potentials. On the other hand the boot-time is way to long and the handling of mp3-books as mentionded above is cumbersome at best.

So we have to be patient and wait for the next updates…

+1. Real, usable bookmarks would be excellent.

I recently remove some of my books that I had finished from my fuse+.  When I did the top ten show the last 10 files of the books that are still on my player.  I had no idea that I would ever be able to determine where I had left off  after 50 chapters from other books.   I am not sure I would recommend this as a way to find where you left off reading a book.   

This causes me to wonder how many of the records of past files played are stored in the fuse plus.  The same may apply to music.  This must take up some space.  Our fuse+ has cookies.  If there are in there why can’t we see them all–not just 10.

I would rather the ability to restart every book like the old fuse.