Resume and MSCvsMTP USB questions

Have a Clip+ here.

  1. I have heard that resume of audio files only works for audiobooks and podcasts, is that true?

  2. I kept putting my podcasts into the podcasts folder all the time but I’ve recently updated my firmware and discovered there’s an MSC USB mode (which is much more comfortable to use than MTP).  I’m not sure what affected it, but my podcasts no longer have a resume function (I even tagged them Genre:Podcast). Did the resume stop working because it’s not supported in the MSC type folder system?

Another reason I have switched to MSC is because some of my files and folders had weird altered names like “00D90R008_Folder name”, I even tried removing all the tags and it didn’t help.

Thanks in advance!

Oh nevermind, resume is working for both podcasts and audiobooks now!

Seems the problem was that I kept both audiobooks and podcasts in the same folder (podcasts).

Great to hear it’s working for you!

Nice of you to share the solution too. So Audiobooks should be in a separate folder.