Resident Music Library . . . . just vanishes!

For the third time in the past two months after powering on the device, I find that all resident songs that I

have loaded to my Fuze have disappeared!  The memory card data is fine!  Only the music content on the

units drive is gone . . . not a note is left!


Is anyone else having this same problem?


Any possible problems OTHER THAN the obvious?  

Thanks, Bill in Brazil

This is only a guess.  

Do you have the unit in MTP mode so that it automatically connects to Windows Media Player? And is Windows Media Player set (under its options) to Auto Sync? And did you clear music out of your computer, so when it syncs it also clears the music from the Fuze?

Change the Options in Windows Media Player so it doesn’t auto-sync.  

I do not use WMP to load files, I use drop and drag directly to

both the Internal and External memories.  One OTHER ODDITY:


The memory shows empty, no files!  BUT, when I add files to the

supposedly empty memory, it acts as if the files are really there.


I have to FORMAT the drive to reload new files.   The plot thickens!


Bill in Brazil

Same thing has happened to me. Chareged the fuze and now it´s empty. But if you click info you see that it only 956 mb is aviable. 1,05 gb is used. But all folders are empty. Player is in MSC mode and is visible on my mac.