Reseting with a Broken LCD

My friend was careless enough to let his dog try to eat it, and now it has a very broken screen. He gave it to me to fix and in the meantime I have been listening to his music, except that it is kinda stuck on Single song repeat, playing a specific artist. I was playing with mine next to it to try to reset it (same button presses, etc) but his is a V2 with stock firmware and mine is a V1 with the newest. Can anyone tell me a button combination to reset it or something in the meantime while I wait for my new LCD?

Those pesky pets! This is I believe the 3rd instance where a player or cable was confused for a chew toy within just the past few days! What are the odds?

Since the Rev. 1 & 2 Fuzes are only different in their hardware, the user-operation, features, functions are all identical. In other words, the only way you’re going to know the difference between the two is if you verify the firmware version number. Otherwise, they work exactly the same.

Even with one having updated (or a newer) firmware version, I don’t see as this would make much, if any operational differences as far as button presses, etc.

And even if the screen is not viewable, you could always update the firmware to match if any of the menu lists had changed. There is nothing displayed on the player’s screen that is vital to updating firmware or any button presses required. It’s all done via the computer.

Btw, where did you find a new LCD? Luckily, they are plugged in rather than soldered in the Fuze. The tricky part is getting the case open without it looking like (forgive me) the dog ate it! :smileyvery-happy:

Maybe since he already did, this isn’t a issue?

Well I was lucky enough to pick one up off ebay (screen works, but the device won’t connect to a computer). The case isnt the hard part, you just have to be gentle with it for two reasons: the clips holding it together are very delicate, and the screen is pretty easy to crack when prying it open. I was bored a while ago and while listening to it I figured out that it will still play music with its screen and scroll wheel disconnected. I might have **bleep**ed it up a little when I conducted this experiement though. But thanks. I just realized that it doesnt have up-to-date firmware. That changes my button presses a lot actually.

Wow I am a klutz… I even mentioned in my first post that it didn’t have up-to-date firmware… Thanks