Reset my Fuze and now its insanely slowww

A while ago i  acciently reset my Fuze after that it could not upload anything although it would charge and connect to the computer properly. I used the thread at and uploaded the 1.01.11 firmware since then i have been able to upload data to my Fuze but very very slowly. it took almost a day for me to upload around 30 songs whereas before it took a few minutes to upload a few hundred. Any help would really be great!!! thanks!!

Why are you using 2 year-old firmware? Upgrade to 01.02.31, the latest & greatest; you won’t be sorry.

That firmware is very basic.  So many improvements have been made since the .11 build!  Definitely install the latest, it’s great.  Your device may need a bit of spring cleaning if it’s so slow.  Transfers should go much more rapidly than you are experiencing.

Note that the best method of formatting the Fuze is to use the built-in format command on the device itself, as this optimizes the memory with a fresh file allocation table with 32kb clusters.  Formatting does erase all media from the device, so you’ll need to reload.

Where are your music files sourced from?  The best method is direct rips from your CD collection, or downloads from a legitimate source, as these will all have proper metadata (ID3 tags).  If the music is from a peer-to-peer (I think that’s a Norwegian word meaning illegal) source, you get what you pay for: garbled data that will make your Sansa choke.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue: