Reset Bug/Issue - Too Easy To Accidentally Reset

Today, after changing some songs and recharging, the thing reset itself after removing it from the computer. Later in the day, while skipping forward to the next song, I managed to make it reset. I may have, fumble-fingered, pushed center and forward, while pressing just hard enough to push the volume button as well. I’ve bumped into this issue many times, trying to do something with the Express and it shut itself off on me, resetting.

Does anyone else run into this? Is it really only supposed to require a touch on select and volume + – easy to hit when holding it and changing songs – to reset everything?

Why not make it take 5-10 seconds, so that accidental resets aren’t so easy?

Following up to bring it to the front, and perhaps get an answer to my question. How long does the select - volume + reset take on your Express?

Is the seemingly random reset a common problem?