Required ID3 fields

Hi folks,

I have looked in vain for a definitive list of what ID3 tags are REQUIRED to play music on the Clip, as well as which ID3 VERSION is recommended.

Having never given much thought to ID3 tags before, getting a Clip has forced me to get my act together. It’s a very time-consuming process.

It would be nice, in the midst of this giant, all-consuming task (perhaps Sansa can provide interns as an optional extra at the point of sale?) to know that I’m not leaving out any fields that the Clip requires to be present – and also to know that I’m creating the right ID3 version!


My best,


See my post earlier today about locking up after 20 songs, I found that the track tag info is definitely required, and I’d be willing to bet the genre tag is required also, since the database uses it. I reccomend using Mp3Tag  so you can do all your tags at once (or at least a folder at a time).  It writes both id3v1 and v2 info at once, so you don’t have to worry about which one the CLip uses 

i dont know what it does need… i do know that it doesnt need genre or comments or track number etc… much if my stuff is just song/artist

True enough it may not need any of that stuff in MTP mode, but in my case at least I could not get it to quit locking up (after adding songs in MSC mode), until I added the track number tags.  Adding genre tags may no have been necessary, the track number tags seem to do the trick. 

well, i should have been more clear… i always use the msc and that is waht i was talkin about… mtp is last last last resort…